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Miller DH-11/ Manhole Collar (17.5'' - 27.5'' Diameters)


Miller DH-11/ Manhole Collar (17.5'' - 27.5'' Diameters)

$3,664.46 - $4,957.02
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The Manhole Collar is designed for applications involving frequent setups over similarly sized access openings. Simply slip collar into sewer manhole, tank hatch, or other openings. Lightweight, powder coated aluminum construction for portability.

Features and Specs:

  • Designed for applications involving frequent set-ups over similarly-sized access openings. Simply slip collar into sewer manhole, tank hatch or other opening. Available from 17.5-in. (.44 m) to 27.5-in. (.70 m).


  • General Construction: Welded Aluminum
  • Weld Certification: AWS
  • Base Material: 6061-T6, 5052 Aluminum
  • Sleeve: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Hardware: Gr. 5 Zinc Plated
  • Finish: Safety Yellow Powder Coat


  • Mast Moment Rating: 65,000in-lbs (7350Nm)
  • Proof Test: AWS
  • Mast Rotation: 90° From Center
  • Weight: 26lbs (11.7kg) - 48lbs (21.7kg)

Application Restrictions:

  1. Inside of manway being entered must not be more than 2 ½ “ (60mm) larger than the outside diameter.
  2. This collar is designed for use on horizontal, level surfaces. This collar must not be used to enter inclined manways.
  3. Maximum mast offset with and manhole collar is to be 18” (457mm).
  4. Manholes or manways must be stable and secure. Structures surrounding the opening must be capable of supporting a vertical load of at least 3600lbs (165kg).
  5. Retractable or shock absorbers must have a maximum arresting force (M.A.R.) rating of 1800lbs (8kN) or less.
  6. Each installation must be approved to local standards by a qualified engineer.