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Frontline Confined Space Kit Rescue System All in One Complete Safety and Compliant


Frontline Confined Space Kit Rescue System All in One Complete Safety and Compliant

MSRP: $3,499.99
Was: $2,699.99
Now: $2,499.99
(You save $1,000.00 )

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Confined Space Kit Rescue System Complete Safety and Compliant

Confined Space Entry Kit is OSHA and ANSI compliant! We feature our Frontline and Allegro confined space products into one easy Kit. This kit includes our most popular BW gas detector, Frontline 7' tripod, Frontline self-retracting lifeline, Frontline Combat Economy Series Full Body Harness (Universal) and Allegro air blower. 

Features and Specs:

BW Flex:

  • Detector:
    • RELIABLE: Two months of battery runtime on a 4.5-hour charge with our new low-powered IR LEL sensor. No daily charging, no unexpected downtime.
    • COMPATIBLE: The Honeywell BW™ Flex Series is compatible with the IntelliDoX instrument management.
    • ACCURATE: Low-power infrared LEL sensor is immune to silicone poisoning, which means accurate monitoring of combustibles.
    • EASY TO MANAGE: The IntelliFlash™ green light indicates when the detector is in compliance and the amber light indicates the need for maintenance.
    • RESPONSIVE: 1series sensors respond to dangerous gas levels in seconds, even in harsh temperatures.
    • EASY TO USE: Small, lightweight and wearable. One-button operation.
    • COMMUNICATION: Readily enables to communicate with Motorola MOTOTRBO.
    • Alarm Type: Audible- Visual- Vibrating
    • Datalogging: 45 days of data at 15 sec interval, 8hrs/day
    • Warranty: 3 years.
    • Real-time 4 gas reading at a glance (LEL, O2, H2S CO)

Frontline MEGApod Tripod Kit:

  • 7' Tripod TAN07:
    • Use: Material/Personnel Lowering and Lifting Rescue Winch
    • Maximum Lifting Load Capacity 310 lbs.
    • The tripod is made from aluminum material, hence extremely lightweight and portable so it can be easily set-up by just one person without the use of tools and also easily transported from one work area to another
    • Includes safety chain and safety shoes that incorporate a rubber sole for flat surfaces and spiked edges for slippery surfaces to help prevent slippage or movement when in use
    • Includes 2 auxiliary eye bolts for easy overhead anchorage
    • Inner and outer adjustment can be achieved by sliding telescope legs
    • The double pulley system is permanently incorporated in the cast aluminum head of the MEGApod & provides independent passing over of cable for winch and retrieval device
    • Includes convenient Frontline MEGApod storage and carry bag
    • Adjustable height with hinged locked legs from 49” – 88” from ground level
  • 60' Winch RUG60:
    • Designed for maximum 310-lb workload
    • Ergonomic carry grip
    • Includes self-locking swivel snap hook
    • Includes winch bracket that attaches to tripod
  • Carabiner CSQ184:
    • Minimum breaking strength of 5,000 lbs.
    • 1" (25mm) gate opening
    • Autolocking
    • Steel

Allegro Blower 9533-15:

  • Ducting:
    • 15' Ducting with Single-ply 
    • PVC coated vinyl and polyester materials, temperature resistant up to 180°F (82.2°C)
  • 8" Blower:
    • RPM - 3,400
    • 1/3 HP
    • Class 1 hard drawn spring steel wire helix that meets ASTM 227 specs
    • Sizes: 32" L x 13.5" W x 14.5" H
    • One 90-degree bend - 709 CFM
    • Two 90-degree bends 586 CFM
    • Free air: 831 CFM
    • Lightweight, corrosion, UV and chemical resistant

Frontline Harness 100VMB:

  •  Harness:
    • Lightweight components make the harness lighter
    • 1 Back d-ring for fall arrest
    • 3 points of adjustability
    • Chest strap and leg straps are provided with pass thru buckles for easy adjustment
    • Additional back support strap provided for a comfortable fit
    • Ideally positioned sub-pelvic strap for extended comfort
    • Equipped with fall indicator on shoulder strap
    • Breaking strength - greater than 5,000 lbs
    • Meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA applicable standards
    • Universal sizing, fitting most users

Markets: Chemical, Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Water Treatment, General Industrial, Mining, Marine

Applications: Confined Space, Working at Heights