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Floor Dryer Slim Multi-Stacked

Industrial Blower Depot

Floor Dryer Slim Multi-Stacked


Our slim multi-stacked floor and carpet dryer is the slimmest and lightest blower of its kind! The triangular and squared unique design is lightweight and low profile, but powerful enough to dry up wet surfaces quickly and efficiently. The high-pressure dryer is powerful and versatile and it includes up to a 2-speed configurations and if more power and ventilation is required our slim dryer can be conveniently multi-stacked to provide the required ventilation.

Don’t waste time on drying wet surfaces on your own! Save time, energy and money with our slim multi-stacked dryer for drying floors, carpets, walls and any other commercial spaces where the need for the dryer is required.


  • Third party certified tested by an ISO 17025 independent laboratory to provide the best quality control assurance and product reliability
  • Designed and engineered to be low profile and lightweight, but power enough to provide over 650 CFM depending on the model
  • Can be multi-stacked for better CFM ventilation and conveniently daisy chained
  • Includes GFCI for added safety for restoration jobs or other jobs that require the use of GFCI’s
  • The dryer is super quiet, UV resistant and tested for vibration resistance for best stability
  • Includes two ergonomic carry handles to move or conveniently carry it to the different locations
  • Includes three EPDM rubber supports at the blower base to keep surface/floor intact and blower stable