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Drum Fan High Output with 3 Speeds

Industrial Blower Depot

Drum Fan High Output with 3 Speeds

$299.99 - $444.99
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Introducing our powerful and versatile drum fans, the ultimate ventilating solution for any workspace! Whether you're in need of a refreshing breeze in your home, office, garage, or industrial setting, our 24” or 36” drum fans are designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

Engineered with precision, our 3-speed configuration drum fans boast a robust construction and cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum airflow and efficiency. With their large, high-velocity blades, these fans are capable of circulating air across wide areas, making them ideal for ventilating large rooms or workshops.

Don't compromise on quality—choose reliability, performance, and comfort with our exceptional drum fans.


  • Third party certified tested by an ISO 17025 independent laboratory to provide the best quality control assurance and product reliability
  • Includes 3 different speed configurations to be able to adjust the different CFM output
  • Includes cord holder in order to avoid tripping hazards and added safety
  • Can be multi-stacked with the included rubber latches for added CFM ventilation or to save on storage space
  • The fan is super quiet, UV resistant and tested for vibration resistance for best stability
  • Includes four ergonomic carry handles and wheels at the base in order to transport it easily and quickly to the different working locations