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MSA 3104L-00 LadderLatch Attachments Device for Vertical Lifeline Kit


MSA 3104L-00 LadderLatch Attachments Device for Vertical Lifeline Kit

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MSA 3104L-00 LadderLatch attachments device for vertical lifeline kit

Latchways attachment devices are designed to connect the user, wearing a full body harness, to a Latchways cable system. These devices allow hands-free operation for system users. The unique starwheel allows the device to pass over cable supports without the need to detach.

Fixed Ladder Fall Protection Solution. Latchways Vertical Ladder Lifeline Kits allow for hands-free movement up and down the entire height of the fixed ladder, eliminating the need to disconnect and find new tie-off points while ascending or descending the ladder. These vertical ladder lifeline kits come in multiple lengths for different ladder heights and must be used in conjunction with the Latchways LadderLatch™ climbing device (sold separately).

Caution: The Latchways LadderLatch device is the only approved attachment device for use with MSA Latchways Vertical Ladder Kits.

Meets or Exceeds: ANSI Z359.16 - 2016

Features and Specs:

  • MSA Latchways Vertical Ladder Lifeline Kits provide an easy-to-install solution when fall protection is necessary for climbing on fixed ladders.
  • Self-installed fixed ladder fall protection
  • Used in conjunction with Latchways LadderLatch™ attachment device (SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • All stainless steel components
  • Available with extension post for better user mobility

Fixed vertical ladder fall protection kit compliant with OSHA 1910 Walking-Working Surfaces come in the following lengths:

  • 20ft / 6m
  • 40ft / 12m
  • 55ft / 17m
  • 75ft / 22m
  • 90ft / 27m

Markets: Construction, General Industry, Utilities
Applications: Working at Heights