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MSA 10215806 G1 iRC Industrial SCBA Low-Pressure 30-min


MSA 10215806 G1 iRC Industrial SCBA Low-Pressure 30-min

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MSA 10215806 G1 iRC Industrial SCBA Low-Pressure 30-min 

It’s challenging enough to do a hazardous job well without worrying about things like readiness, bulk, weight, and balance. The MSA G1 Industrial SCBA helps you work safely and minimizes distractions that can make a hard job even harder. That’s why we’ve taken our industry-leading breathing apparatus, the G1 SCBA for Fire Service, and created a NIOSH-approved version specifically for industrial applications. Now enhanced with G1 Industrial Remote Cylinder Connection (G1 iRC), G1 Twin Cartridge Adapter, and features including reflective shoulder harness, Kevlar straps, and metal buckles, the MSA G1 Industrial SCBA provides flexibility in options across various industrial applications.

Features and Specs:

  • Low-pressure 30-min.
  • Aluminum cylinder.
  • Nylon harness without padding and chest strap
  • Medium G1 Facepiece with polyester head harness
  • No case
  • NEW! Industrial Remote Cylinder Connection: The G1 iRC (industrial remote cylinder connection) is a SCBA platform that features a remote cylinder connection, available with both threaded and quick connect attachments. It allows for cylinder compatibility among other MSA SCBA such as the G1 NFPA, Airhawk 2 and Firehawk M7.
  • Shoulder-mounted Quick-Fill® System EBS Accessory: This optional connection allows for SCBA cylinder refill from a mobile compressor or cascade system. It also allows transfilling between two SCBA wearers, providing an emergency breathing system in IDLH atmospheres.
  • Air-Line Attachment: The optional air-line attachment creates a second port for air-line connection to an independent air source, such as an air compressor or cascade system, to conserve cylinder air for emergency escape.

G1 Facepiece:

  • Enhance situational awareness and visibility through a wide field of view
  • Prevent potential cross-contamination when units are shared through unique mask design, which restricts exhaled air from entering the mask-mounted regulator
  • Open port design allows for lower breathing resistance both on and off air with the goal of reducing fatigue. APR adapter now available to convert easily to air-purifying cartridges
  • Enable short-range communication with mechanical speaking diaphragm.
  • Meet a variety of user needs with head harness options available in Kevlar, rubber, or polyester

G1 Carrier and Harness Assembly:

  • Clean quickly with easy-to-remove soft goods.
  • Improve harness durability in tough environments with nanosphere-coated webbing to improve resistance to water and chemical exposure.
  • Increase comfort with optional shoulder pads and lumbar support to help reduce fatigue
  • Improve ease of donning through shoulder pad placement to reduce twisting and increase comfort.

G1 Industrial Remote Cylinder Connection:

  • Allows use of same cylinder across all multiple platforms of MSA SCBA, including G1 NFPA SCBA and AirHawk II SCBA.