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Frontline Yellow Guardrail System Non-Penetrating Kit (100 ft)


Frontline Yellow Guardrail System Non-Penetrating Kit (100 ft)

Was: $4,499.99
Now: $3,999.99

Frontline GUS10 Universal 10' Guardrails with Bases Complete Kit (100')

Frontline presents it's patent pending guardrail system, the lightest and most innovative fall prevention guardrail system in the market! The guardrail system is completely non-penetrating, manufactured out of high strength ASTM rated steel and painted with safety green or safety yellow electrostatic paint for long lasting durability and added visibility at the workplace.

Our guardrail base in addition to being the lightest in its kind, it features two EPDM supports on both ends for better stability and two ergonomic handles on the sides for better product handling and ergonomics. The base was designed with 2-holes so they nest and stack easily for better and more efficient transportation and storage.

Trust on the engineering and reliability of our fall prevention system to be one of the best forms to protect exposed workers or personnel when working at heights.


  • Eliminates fall hazard with our pre-engineering fall prevention system
  • Guardrails and bases are electrostatic painted safety green or safety yellow for added safety and visibility
  • Complete non-penetrating fall prevention system can be installed in just minutes
  • The rails slide in perfectly into the base fittings and are secured with two grub screws for best stability and to prevent loose rails
  • Bases include 2 extended EPDM supports on both sides for better stability
  • Base design features the lightest base in the market and includes two ergonomic handles for better product handling and ergonomics
  • Bases also include two universal toe board slots to protect personnel beneath the system or items from falling out of the top surface
  • Guardrail system can be stacked 4 pallet high for better and more efficient transportation
  • Guardrail system is non penetrating, but bases include 4 holes in case user wants fixed application and drill into substrate

Specs and Compliance:

  • Total Kit Length: 100'
  • Base Weight: 56 lbs
  • Bases Included: 11
  • Guardrail 10' Sections Included: 10
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA 1910 and 1926
  • Tested by an Independent 3rd Party Lab accredited to ISO/IEC Standard 17025:2017