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3M 06-0201-30 Speedglas Welding Starter Kit 9100XX


3M 06-0201-30 Speedglas Welding Starter Kit 9100XX

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3M 06-0201-30 Speedglas Welding Starter Kit 9100XX

Replacement pieces for the 3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 Series Welding Starter Kit include five outer protection plates, two inner protection plates, and an absorbent sweatband. The kit includes five outside protection plates, two inside protection plates and an absorbent sweatband. Protection plates replace worn and battered plates to restore the welder's quality of vision. These materials are built to help protect against the sparks and airborne debris of grinding and common welding types, including stick, TIG, and MIG, for applications such as construction, metal fabrication, and industrial maintenance. When a plate becomes pitted, scratched, or too dirty to clean with a soft cloth, it's time to replace the plate. Outside and inside protection plates replace damaged and dirty plates , and it is recommended that the outer plates be replaced at least once a week and interior plates once a month. The sweatband should be changed out once it becomes odorous or unhygienic.

Meets or Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010


  • Welding kit includes 5 outside protection plates, 2 inside protection plates, and 1 sweat pad
  • Integrates with 3M™ 9100 Series ADF
  • Applications include metal repair, assembly, and mechanical
  • For use in the construction, heavy infrastructure, and industrial maintenance industries