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Frontline Confined Space Tripod Kit 7' Aluminum with 60' Winch

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Frontline MEGApod Confined Space Kit 7' Aluminum Tripod

When it comes to confined space entry, you need a rescue and retrieval device that is reliable and you can depend on to bring you to safety when the situation calls for, and the Frontline MEGApod does just that! The MEGApod is highly durable and it’s made up of aluminum material making it lightweight and convenient to set-up in just a matter of seconds without the use of any tools, though rugged enough to last you job after job!

Coming across challenging confined space work areas? Then trust on Frontline MEGApod to outperform expectations! The MEGApod, in conjunction with a Frontline winch or 3-Way is the correct equipment to help you perform those non-entry rescue operations and bring workers back to safety when the situation calls for it.

MEGApod TAN07 Features and Specs:

  • The tripod is made from aluminum material, hence extremely lightweight and portable so it can be easily set-up by just one person without the use of tools and also easily transported from one work area to another
  • Includes safety chain and safety shoes that incorporate a rubber sole for flat surfaces and spiked edges for slippery surfaces to help prevent slippage or movement when in use
  • Includes 2 auxiliary eye bolts for easy overhead anchorage
  • Inner and outer adjustment can be achieved by sliding telescope legs
  • The double pulley system is permanently incorporated in the cast aluminum head of the MEGApod & provides independent passing over of cable for winch and retrieval device
  • Includes convenient Frontline MEGApod storage and carry bag
  • Adjustable height with hinged locked legs from 49” – 88” from ground level
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI minimum standards
Winch RUG60 Features and Specs:
  • Includes mounting plate having four bolts for mounting to MEGApod leg
  • Comes with rugged and long-lasting galvanized steel wire rope of 3/16″ diameter
  • Includes swiveling steel snaphook as a connector for better mobility and user harness connection
  • Use: Material/Personnel Lowering and Lifting Rescue Winch
  • Lifeline Length: 60’
  • Inbuilt Shock Absorption: Yes
  • Maximum Lifting Load Capacity: 310 lbs.
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA 1910 and ANSI Z 359.1-1992, ANSI Z 117.1-1995
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