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Falltech SteelGrip Cable System Horizontal Lifeline

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Falltech SteelGrip Cable HLL System Horizontal Lifeline Kits 

SteelGrip Cable Horizontal Lifeline and Stanchion Systems provide temporary, portable and continuous anchoring for worksite conditions where typical anchorages along a walking surface are limited or nonexistent. SteelGrip HLLs can be configured as single or multi-span systems adapting to specific user’s anchoring needs.

Meets or Exceeds: OSHA 1926.502 and 1910.140 Regulations

Features and Specs:

  • Pre-configured in 30´ and 60´ single-span and 80´ and 100´ multi-span systems.
  • Single-span systems include one Coil Energy Absorber and two Stanchions while Multi-span systems.
  • 42˝ Plated Steel I-Beam Stanchions fit beam flanges up to 2¼˝ thick.
  • Plated Steel I-Beam Clamps available with flange width ranges of 4˝ to 12˝, 4˝ to 18˝ and 4˝ to 24˝ and include Steel Wing Nut adjusters.
  • System includes 2 Stanchions and 1 Coil Energy Absorber.
  • Also includes Tensioning Turnbuckle, 2 Carabiners, and Wire Rope Clips for installation.
  • Stanchion Base fits I-Beam Flanges up to 2¼" thick.
  • 3/8" Galvanized Steel Cable with thimble-eye termination and 42" I-Beam Stanchions.
  • 80' and 100' Systems include one Steel Shackle for use with additional Energy absorber.
  • For use by up to two Users per span weighing 310 lbs Max.

Cable HLL Systems Kit Include:

  • SteelGrip Stainless Steel Coil Energy Absorber (1 or 2 as needed).
  • SteelGrip® I-Beam Stanchions (2 or 3 as needed).
  • Intermediate Pass-through Bracket (for multi-span systems only).
  • 21¾˝ Galvanized steel jaw and jaw Tensioning Turnbuckle with 12˝ adjustment.
  • 2 Alloy Steel Carabiners and Wire Rope Clips (plus Steel Shackle for systems greater than 60´).
  • 3/8˝ Galvanized Steel Cable with thimble-eye termination.

Product Specifications: http://cdn.falltech.com/pdf/spec-sheets/Steel-Grip-6033012-60310024.pdf

Instruction: http://cdn.falltech.com/pdf/instruction-manual/MHLL12_REV_B_Full_Letter_English_062618.pdf


  • Read, understand and follow all labels and instructions prior to use.
  • Inspect before each use.
  • Remove from service if there is evidence of damage or excessive wear.
  • Never connect an Energy Absorbing Lanyard to Hip D-Rings.